Overwatch Encounter: Empower Yourself by Learning from a Decorated US Navy SEAL

Overwatch Encounter provides the ultimate in corporate retreats, personal growth, guys/girls outings, or high-adventure for any participant!  

Your Overwatch Encounter will hone skills in crisis management, strategic thinking, team building, prioritization, follow through and much more.  

Navy SEALs are arguably the world's most elite warriors.  SEALs make life and death decisions that shift the tides of war and peace.  Our program delivers this elite-level training and then empowers its participants by placing them in simulated scenarios that actual Navy SEALs might face.

The Overwatch Experience Offers Two Different Programs that Simply Deliver

Both programs will be lead by a US Navy SEAL with over 20 years of experience.  You will hear personal inspirational accounts that apply to life, career, personal growth and character.  These impactful real-life scenarios will motivate and inspire you for the rest of your life.  

Events are held in Las Vegas, NV  October-March and in Salt Lake City, UT April-September.

TWO-DAY EVENT (All-Inclusive: Meals & Over $300 of Ammo):  

Day 1: (Mission Rehearsal): SEALs dedicate most of their pre-mission planning on rehearsing for the assigned operation. This allows the team to understand every team member’s job, the timing of the operation, and develop contingencies to ensure mission success. Day one will be dedicated to rehearsing and training your team for its unique operation. The training on day one will include: Basic Pistol and Carbine training, Sniper training, Close Quarter Combat training, All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) training and Rappelling or Free Fall (Skydive) Insertion techniques.

The training will focus on personal development, team building, communication, stress management, leadership, crisis management, etc. This will be accomplished through a series of drills, discussions of actual SEAL experiences and how it relates to you, your team and much more.

Day 2: (Mission Execution): This is the day all SEALs look forward to. This is what they live for and the reason they are asked to conduct some of our Nation’s most dangerous operations. Day two will be your most challenging day. It will be filled with several, uniquely-tailored missions that will incorporate the training that you have already received. You and your team will be tasked with accomplishing a high risk operation; Raid on enemy compound, Ambush an enemy patrol, Hostage rescue, Long range reconnaissance, Personal Protection Detail of a VIP, etc.

Missions will include some type of insertion/infiltration, target execution and exfiltration/extraction. An example may be a hostage rescue mission which requires you to skydive into an designated drop zone, patrol to the last known location of the hostage, take precision sniper shots at enemy sentries guarding the hostage, conduct a hostage rescue and exfiltrate via pre-positioned RZRs to a safe house for the safe extraction of the hostage. There will be a debriefing in which all the operations are thoroughly discussed with our Navy SEAL. We will assess where the mission went right, where it went wrong, and what could have been done differently. This discussion will be very proactive and can focus on any requested topic.

ONE-DAY EVENT (All Inclusive: Meals & Over $200 of Ammo):

Overwatch Encounter's one-day event offers an unforgettable experience.  The first half of the day will focus on mission rehearsal.  This will include Basic Pistol and Carbine training, Sniper Training, Close Quarter Combat training, All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Training, etc.  The training will focus on personal development, team building, communication, stress management, leadership, crisis management, etc.

The second half of the day will focus on the mission execution.  SEALs sometimes train for month prior to the actual mission.  Overwatch Encounter will challenge you and let you see if you have what it takes.  Missions will be scenarios in which you may patrol to the last known location of a hostage, take precision sniper shots at enemy sentries guarding the hostage, conduct hostage rescue and exfiltrate via pre-positioined RZRs to a safe house.  All activities end with a debriefing while we assess where the mission went right, where it went wrong, and what could have been done differently.  Discussions will be very proactive and can focus on any requested topic.

Basic Pistol Training:

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, our Basic Pistol course will provide you with the techniques used by the World's most elite warriors. 

Basic Carbine Training:

The M4 Carbine is the primary weapon of a Navy SEAL. You will learn the basics in the way SEALs shoot. We will train you and your team in the hyper aggressive way SEALs make their living by teaching marksmanship, shooting on the move, magazine changes, transition drills and distance shooting.

Sniper Training:

Long-distance shooting is an art.  We provide the fundamentals of distance shooting and allow you to try your hand with long-distance targets.

Tandem Parachute Jump:

Inserting into a target via Military Free Fall (MFF) is one of the stealthiest capabilities SEALs have up their sleeves.  As an add-on, individual may choose their form of insertion to a mission to be done via tandem jump from an airplane.  We have a team of certified jump professionals that will assist you in your jump!

RZR Experience:

ATVs and Side by sides are used by SEALs as an Infiltration or exfiltration platform to safely and timely get them to and from their missions. Driving a RZR on mountain trails can truly be exhilarating.  We will provide you with the basic skills to maneuvering through challenging terrain and then let you apply what you have learned.

CQC-Close Quarter Combat:

Close Quarters Combat (CQC) is a fundamental skill that all SEALs are required to master. The art of clearing a compound or single room looks simple on the surface, but peel back the many important layers of the maneuver, and you'll soon realize just how tough this can be. You and your team will be trained in this art.


This is where Overwatch Experience really sets itself apart.  We take your training and incorporate it in simulated, high-adventure scenarios.  This is where the true growth and learning takes place.  


Finally, we will discuss what we have learned and can discuss any points that you specify (teambuiling, stress management, sales, etc.).

Omar Vieira

Omar Vieira has served as an active duty US Navy SEAL for over 20 years. During his first eight years of enlisted service as a SEAL, he was the point man and navigator leading a 14 man SEAL platoon in recurrent and contingency special operations missions in the guerrilla infested jungles of Central and South America. As the lead land warfare instructor for Naval Special Warfare Training Detachment, his natural talents were utilized to develop and instruct SEAL operators and Special Operations commandos from eight different countries in the disciplines of Special Reconnaissance (SR), Direct Action (DA), jungle survival and clandestine tactics.

After gaining a commission as a Navy SEAL Officer, he spent the last 14 years of his senior leadership experience as a ground force commander conducting Special Operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and other locations in the Middle East. He has lead SEALs in thousands of combat operations to include DA capture/kill missions, clandestine operations and Special Reconnaissance missions in both, declared and undeclared theaters of war.

Having held multiple leadership positions in complex and diverse organizations ranging in sizes of 12 to 410 personnel conducting domestic and overseas operations, he has become a subject matter expert in elite team development, effective leadership strategies, and developing mental toughness in high stress environments. Omar is the recipient of the Legion of Merit award and Two Bronze Stars for Valor.

Contact Information

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email: info@overwatchencounter.com


This whole experience was exactly what I needed.  I think the stories will stay with me for the rest of my life.  Omar is an incredible person.

Andre D.

Overwatch Encounter is an incredible program!  I was so impressed with how patient and competent their team was during each activity; even if we were inexperienced.  They adjusted to what WE needed.

Alyssa J.

I am a business owner and we used Overwatch Encounter for our corporate retreat.  My team absolutely loved the experience.  It was challenging and really helped on team building and communication. 

Shaun M.