TWO DAY EVENT (Includes Meals, Over $300 in Ammunition, and Gear!)

TWO DAY EVENT (Includes Meals, Over $300 in Ammunition, and Gear!)

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Day 1: (Mission Rehearsal): SEALs dedicate most of their pre-mission planning on rehearsing for the assigned operation. This allows the team to understand every team member’s job, the timing of the operation, and develop contingencies to ensure mission success. Day one will be dedicated to rehearsing and training your team for its unique operation. The training on day one will include: Basic Pistol and Carbine training, Sniper training, Close Quarter Combat training, All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) training and Rappelling or Free Fall (Skydive) Insertion techniques.

The training will focus on personal development, team building, communication, stress management, leadership, crisis management, etc. This will be accomplished through a series of drills, discussions of actual SEAL experiences and how it relates to you, your team and much more.


Day 2: (Mission Execution): This is the day all SEALs look forward to. This is what they live for and the reason they are asked to conduct some of our Nation’s most dangerous operations. Day two will be your most challenging day. It will be filled with several, uniquely-tailored missions that will incorporate the training that you have already received. You and your team will be tasked with accomplishing a high risk operation; Raid on enemy compound, Ambush an enemy patrol, Hostage rescue, Long range reconnaissance, Personal Protection Detail of a VIP, etc.

Missions will include some type of insertion/infiltration, target execution and exfiltration/extraction. An example may be a hostage rescue mission which requires you to skydive into an designated drop zone, patrol to the last known location of the hostage, take precision sniper shots at enemy sentries guarding the hostage, conduct a hostage rescue and exfiltrate via pre-positioned RZRs to a safe house for the safe extraction of the hostage. There will be a debriefing in which all the operations are thoroughly discussed with our Navy SEAL. We will assess where the mission went right, where it went wrong, and what could have been done differently. This discussion will be very proactive and can focus on any requested topic.

Additional Facts:

  • October-March events are at our Las Vegas, NV Location
  • April-September events are at our Salt Lake City, UT Location
  • Event includes over $300 worth of ammunition
  • Event includes breakfast and lunch for both days
  • Event includes transportation from two designated pickup sites 
  • Event provides shirt, pants, gloves and backpack